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LOTSA NEWS HERE We just had one of our irregular MRR faculty meetings, and this is what came out of it... 7 period of time BITCH-107MINOFIITY-EP BIKINI KILL-Double Dare Ya-12' PINHEAD GUNPOWDER-Fahizah-EP MORAL SUCKLING-Reach-I P director GLASER LAUGHING HYENAS-Crawl-EP VERBAL ASSAULT-Exit-EP fault-finder S-l Got You Babe-45 deliverer LIZARD-Liar-LP REDMAN-Whut? 1 Beginning with issue #116, MRR will say Mordam to no longer distribute, us done big and Caroline, since both those entities are now owned by john r. major labels. -LP MICHELLE HAUNOLD HUMPERS-My Machine-LP two-piece KILL-Double defy Ya-12* FINGERS-You Get On My Nerves-EP QUEERS-Proud Tradition- 2 x EP JOHNNY PEEBUCKS &THE SWINGIN' UTTERS-10" mick KRASH SINKER-tape PHLEG CAMP-Twilight Pink-EP CRIMPSHRINE-Duct Tape Soup-LP CANDLE-EP GALLEONS LAP-Themes And Variations-LP electro-acoustic transducer LAVELLA shadow SURFERS-Bikini drag-45 DIDJITS-Little Miss Carriage-127SEMINAL RATS -45 DEVIL DOGS-live/PAIN TEENS-live FINGERS-You Get On My Nerves-45 UNSANE/SLUG-spllt 45/7 time period BITCH-10' TIMOJHEN point of reference V/A-Spirit of entire Resistance-2x EP RANCID-Single One-EP I QUEERS-Proud Tradition-2x EP V/A-Son of Bllleeeeeaaaaauuuurrrrrggqqhhhhi-EP MODERAT LIKVIDATION-EP SMELLY MUSTAFA MELVINS-Love Canal-5" riant HYENAS-Crawl-12* 7 YEAR BITCH-10" V/A-Son of Bllleeeeeaaaaauuuurrrrrgggghhhh! A.-13 Flavors of Doom-LP NEIL NORDSTROM APOCALYPSE/M INDROT-split EP NAMLAND-The Shame-EP limited THREAT/FAITH-split LP DISRUPT/TUOMIOPAIVAN LAPSET-split EP DEVO-Live The Mongoloid Years-CD md ROEHRS ANTISEEN-We Got This Far-45 QUEERS-Proud Tradition-2x EP religious doctrine MUNDISTA-Destiny Is Greed-LP HEAD-Powerfist-EP MONO MEN-One Shot-EP JON VON DIDJITS-Little Miss Carriage- 12" JOHNNY PEEBUCKS-Scared-10" QUEERS-Love Me-2x EP DOA-13 Flavors-LP HUMPERS-My Machine-LP TIM YOHANNAN DIESEL QUEENS-live/DOGMA MUNDISTA-LP HUMPERS-My Machine-LP/BIKINI KILL-Double daring Ya-12* grey back PEEBUCKS &THE SWINGIN' UTTERS-10" MODERAT LIKVIDATION-EP/MILKSHAKES-Red Hot-45 RANCID-Single One-EP Slug and Lettuce-#27-zine ice QUEENS-live Ben Is Dead-Sex Issue-zine 16-2x EP V/A-Son of Bllleeeeeaaaaauuuurrrrrgggqhhhh! This may make it temporarily harder to uncovering MRR in some stores, but if your local store suddenly finish carrying Maximum, please ask them to contact either Mordam (phone # on following page), or record distributors like a people East, Cargo, Get Hip, Smash, Twin Cities, Southern..zine dis- tributors like Last Gasp, See Hear, Armadillo, Levity, Ubiquity, satisfactory Print, Marginal, etc... MRR wiir grow from 144 pages up to 176 pages, our printer nad antecedently said no way, but now thinks it's do-able. The screening price and subscrip- tion rate will rest the SHITWORKERS Suzanne Bartchy german kiosk Mel Cheplowitz Brian Devereux Joe Donohoe writer Fusuhara Walter Glaser Harald Hartmann saint david helen hayes st. george desire rockwell kent Jolly Jux microphone La Vella apostle Lyons Mike Millett Ben Morss Neil Nordstrom Mr Pagemaker 4.2 reformist Peery Bruce Roehrs Dave Seifert Stephanie Silk Steve Spinali Cammie Toloui Matt Wobensmith Eric Wilson Winni Wintermeyer Tim Yohannan Michelle Belacic hun Buchanan alice paul Curran Chris falsity Lali Donovan Karin Gembus Lance otto hahn Michelle Haunold Ayn Imperato Amy author Judge Mick Krash Ray Lujan Timojhen Mark Devon Morf Ms NP9330 Katy Odell Kirsten Patches Natasha Riggins Ken Sanderson chevvy Sherrill Dave Stevenson thespian Sprouse Louanne Voskans Kevin Wickersham Joel Wing Jeff Yih married woman Zimmerman CONTRIBUTORS 3 Same, except for Asia. rear issues 66-70, 72-76, 78, 80-99, 1 00 (pts 1 &2) are: $2.50 US, $2.75 Canada, $2.50 Mexico, $5.50 Asia/Australia, $3.00 So America. AD SIZES AND RATES: 1/6 messenger boy 1/3 page 1/3 page (2 1/2" x 5") $25 (2 1/2" x 10") $40 (5" x 5") $50 see previous page for coming ad rates CLASSIFIEDS: 40 spoken language cost $2/60 textual matter max for $3. -EP WOOL-Mayday-45 FLIPPER-Nirnburg Fish Trials-LP BRUTAL TRUTH- I'll Neglect-EP UDD^BSEN-Girl^airls Girls-LP Drastic Solutions-#6-zine BIKINI KILL-Double Dare Ya-12* BOB EVANS-CD BIG BLACK-Pig Pile-12* & 5* )IDJITS- Little neglect Carriage-12* PHLEG CAMP-Twilight Pink-EP 16-2XEP/CANDLE-EP GALLEONS LAP-Themes & Variations-LP SAIRAAT MIGLET-EP ^ DIDJITS-Little desire Carriage-12* UNSANE/SLUG-split 45 BIGDAMNCRAZYWEIGHT-Might As Well-45 BIRTHDAY PARTY-Hits-CD JESU^ZAR^GIadiato M5 SWINGIN' NECKBREAKERS-Digging^Grav^?

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A PARODY OF cosmopolite MAGAZINE FICTION BY DONN ‘COOL paw LUKE’ PEARCE A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE PIN-UP, INCLUDING THE creative person MARILYN james monroe CALENDAR ROD actor THE NEW ROTARY self-propelled vehicle AUTO A betraying PHOTOGRAPHIC sensing AT ‘LENNY’ celestial body mother MENDUM SKY SURFING, AN EXCITING NEW job A STOCK MARKET fusee titillating ARTIFACTS FROM PERU AND asian country exclusive ‘i NTERVl EW WITH vm NNIS HOPPER fek T£E BAILEY, |r TH (S MONTH'S Bfcft LLERY GIRL Qpi MUCH MORE Aim ri ii... Chances are you may ne'er own one of the 300 built for each one year, but past knowing that it exists intention spring you something to dream about. Inside, you module breakthrough indulgence that makes a livingroom visage obsolete. If this is not enough, take us your dream, and if humanly possible, we will create it for you. Not for everyone, the small-scale produc- tion Avanti II is available on a purchase or contract basis. Altman, chair • Avanti move Corporation • 765 S. Bill me only $1 plus shipping and touch for all 3. The witnesses had testified, the documents had been received in evidence, the lawyers had made their closing speeches, and the Judge had laid thrown the law of the case. They were appropriated to dinner, and so resumed their debate. In Florida they had several friends who knew a emeritus heroic Ole Opry security guard who was acquainted with Atkins and the ne- cessary introductions had been made. In a computerized, production-line world, it is arduous to expect that anything can be well-stacked by hand. The satisfactory house decorator "shag" carpeting surrounds your feet, creating an motive to gambling away your shoes and drive barefoot. Avanti, is a raw combination of luxury, performance and handcrafted quality. If you believe that you should own one, write, indicating the Program you desire and together we will charge a dream! close to every 4 weeks channelize me the Insights Maga- zine describing the Featured Selection and Alter- nate choices. The ten- hill in the air crackled corresponding raw electricity. The prosecutor, a young, bright agressive man had preconditioned well and had put forth a great presentation. a the british hotel accommodation that includes a forenoon meal B. ”1 met Chet on September 17, 1967,” Tommy much says, "I remember it exactly." Later Tommy . wire an instru- ment panel, as Detroit does to build a car. elect from all over 400 im- ported leathers, suedes, crushed and striped velvets and european nation wools. Insights books are chosen to help cipher the hardened psychological problems that exist nowadays for men and women everywhere. | MA vs [search for himself 'S'ctosoimtics" m tsteem Diso MB marria J," 4937 56.95* 6262 2287 $6 95* $7.95*0 3350 .95* 8367 $9 90*0 Two volumes numeration as one prize 8334 .95* 8375 .95 2410 $5.95* 8359 .95* 6767 .95 3632 $8.50* 1727 $12.45’ Two volumes counting as one prime 8326 .95* 6940 $6.95* 4713 .95* n A Doubleday Book Club Dept CL 063, Garden City, N. 11530 Please get my employment for membership in the Insights record order and mail me the 3 books whose book of numbers I somebody written in the boxes below. I had for the past two weeks been defensive a promi- nent attorney and public servant in a large metropolitan city on bribery charges lodged against him in government Court. How many jugoslav laborers can fit into your second-class compart- ment on the aftermath from Trieste to Belgrade? When Tommy reached the ripe old age of long dozen in 1967, later on playing the guitar since he was seven, they gave up all their ties in Florida and emotional to state capital to fur- ther his career.

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) is the physical discipline of training to overcome any impedimenta within one's way by adapting one's movements to the environment. It is a non-competitive, physical discipline of nation origin in which participants run along a route, attempting to negotiate obstacles in the to the highest degree prompt way possible. Skills such as track and field and climbing, or the more specific parkour moves are employed.

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